In the southern part of Finland is located the beautiful county of Savo. There you find the municipality of Hirvensalmi which is famous for its natural beauty. The lake Suontee is crystal clear and rich in fish. On the island of Kalhosaari is located a child friendly, sandy beach holiday resort Verkkoranta. Verkkoranta has three different cottages (Tekele, Kekäle and Hellahuone): total number of beds is 8-11. The resort is suitable for people looking for silence, wilderness spirit and the traditional organic cottage life. Even the boat ride to the island is an experience. The lake Suontee is ideal for fishing. You can also bring your own canoe or boat. On the mainland, there is an excellent boat dock and boat launching area and a spacious car parking. In the island there is also a boat quay for our connection boat, Buster RS.

The specialty of the Verkkoranta is the large two-storey, hand-carved square log sauna. The inside walls of the sauna are burned into black. The sauna is heated with the custom-made double-burn stove that utilizes the new combustion technology. You can enjoy the relaxation of the heat either alone or with all your friends together.

The beach and courtyard of Verkkoranta are also suitable for the disabled. The beach is sandy and shallow. There are wide lanes for walking, which are coated with bark of pine tree. Docking with the boat is easy. There is, of course, a swimming ladder at the quay.

Pet’s are, also, welcome in the safe environment of the island.

Verkkoranta is the right place for those looking for an organic cottage full of feeling. For those who prefer the candle light and live fire both indoors and outdoors. The resort has a good 3G connection and also solar panels eg. for charging mobile devices. Please, notice that smoking is prohibited inside all cottages in the area.

We can arrange different courses and services according to your wishes , like peat treatments and yoga retreats.

Forest therapy helps when the mind is depressed. In the woods, among the trees, listening to the birds singing, you could feel the rustling of the branches under your feet and the smell of the crop rotting. Ants create their paths as they go to build heaps. Birds build their nests and feed their chicks. Experience the beauty, silence, peace and power of nature and let nature help you cope. Verkkoranta offers a wonderful setting for forest therapy rehabilitations.