Kekäle – Two-Storey Log Sauna


The traditional old style, two-storey, hand carved square log sauna was built 2014. It is big enough to take care of a large group of people. The sauna stove is the latest in technology and one of a kind. You can enjoy unhurried bath and sauna experience in the soft heat. The sauna has inside the manual water pump, which raises the water from the lake. Warm water is heated in the cauldron (80 liters) over the stove. The upper floor is for enjoying the heat and downstairs is for bathing. The other half of the Kekäle is for dressing up and cooling but there are also sleeping beds for four people and a fireplace.

For lighting there is lot of oil lamps outdoors. Oil lamps are hanging outside windows to give light into the bath and sauna. Indoors you can burn candles or battery-operated oil lamps.

In front of Kekäle is a wide, open terrace with tables and lounging chairs. There is easy access with the wood covered paths from sauna to lake. Few steps and you are in the lake.